The Purpose of a Vapor Barrier in a Crawl Space

When it comes to saving energy and lowering utility costs, crawl spaces are often set aside. After all, they’re not usually seen, unlike doors, windows, and ceilings. But truth is, this neglected area offers significant opportunities to boost energy efficiency.

Crawl spaces are found underneath your home, making them vulnerable to water run-off. Add to that, they usually only have small openings which restrict air flow. This leaves the space moisture-laden and increases the likelihood of it developing mold, mildew, bacteria, and rot among many others.

What Are Vapor Barriers?

Installing vapor barriers in your crawl spaces is one way you can keep your home in good shape. A vapor barrier blocks moisture and prevents it from evaporating and seeping into your home. Among materials commonly used for vapor barriers are polyethylene plastic and foil sheet. These materials aid in reducing moisture so it can no longer seep into your home’s structure.

Benefits of Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

1. Conserve energy. Excess moisture affects humidity in your home. To keep the temperature comfortable for everyone, chances are you’ll turn to your furnace or air conditioner. This translates to longer air system usage. When your crawl spaces are surrounded by vapor barriers, you lessen moisture in the air, reduce air system usage time, and lower energy costs.

2. Preserve your home’s structural integrity. Increased moisture can cause rot to develop. And when wood in your crawl spaces get rotten, you’ll have to take immediate action. Unfortunately, repairs can cost a lot. By installing a vapor barrier, you can protect your home’s structure. You also get to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

3. Keep your crawl spaces dry. Since you’re able to prevent an increase in moisture and humidity, you also limit dampness in your crawl spaces. You’re also able to prevent water and moisture from seeping into your walls and underneath your home. Dark, damp, and moist environment harbor mold and mildew. Keeping a crawl space dry, hence, also helps protect your family’s health.

4. Reduce risks of electrical issues. Electrical components and moisture can be a hazardous combination. When exposed to moisture, wiring and electrical systems can cause electrocution, electrical shorts, rusting, and worse, fire.

5. Extend the lifespan of your pipe system. Crawl spaces are not only home to electrical components, they also contain multiple pipes. Excessive moisture can cause these pipes to rust sooner and break. With a vapor barrier, you can protect your pipes against rusting and avoid recurring costly repairs.

6. Increase home value. No potential home buyer would like a weak home structure, mold infestation, and worn pipe systems. Mold can spread quickly in moist areas and contaminate air circulation. This can lead to health problems and also impact the value of your home. Getting a professional home renovation company to install vapor barriers in your crawl spaces costs lower than dealing with complex repairs.

Hire a Professional Residential Renovation Team to Install Vapor Barrier

Even Energy Star agree that sealing crawl spaces can earn you substantial benefits.

If you’re considering a major home renovation project soon, don’t leave your crawl spaces behind. Have your contractor check on them and install a vapor barrier. That way, you’ll reduce moisture and humidity in your home, enhance air quality, protect your family’s health, and overall improve living conditions.

This project is worth your every penny so go ahead ask experts today how to get started.

The Purpose of a Vapor Barrier in a Crawl Space

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