4 Reasons You Need Gutter Cleaning

Always include gutter cleaning in your home maintenance routine. This part of your home’s structure serves a crucial task year-round – directing the flow of water away. Setting aside cleaning can lead to serious issues. And these issues can cost you up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Let’s talk about 6 reasons why it’s worthy to have your gutters cleaned regularly.

1. Drive pests away. Leaving your gutters a mess is inviting insects and critters to your home. Letting leaves and dirt sit on them for too long can make them an attractive breeding ground. Standing water is also alluring for mosquitoes and flies. Rather than deal with pest infestation, free your gutter of leaves and other debris. Keep your family protected against bug bites and other pest-related illnesses for a small investment.

2. Protect your home’s foundation. Gutters lead the water in areas of your house where it can be absorbed. When your gutter is clogged or broken, the water can pool or drip down and find its way into your basement. Water can seep into your home’s foundation. And when it freezes, this can cause the masonry to weaken and crack.

3. Prevent damages to your fascia. The fascia is a board that holds your gutters in place. When water gets clogged and overflows, it can run down the fascia boards. Fascia is vulnerable to damage when it’s exposed to water as it’s often made out of wood. The water can strip away its paint and cause the board to rot. To contain the damage, the boards will have to be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Save your siding from rotting. Poorly-maintained gutters can also cause your home’s siding to rot. The siding keeps water away from your home. When it rots, it will no longer be able to serve its purpose. Mold can grow in the area and eat away at the surface. Apart from causing your roof to rot, the spread of mold can also pose health issues.

Most homeowners do the gutter cleaning on their own. But this requires extra care. Working at height exposes you to safety risks. If you would rather have professionals inspect and clean your gutters, be sure to get in touch with a reputable team.

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